Monday, July 21, 2014

9/12 Project Protest at KidsPeace

Let’s see if I got this right.  Children who have trekked from Central America through Mexico to the American border and are then taken to Salisbury Township by bus are met by protestors chanting “USA” and cheering when passing motorists honk their horns.  

Actually, no bus load of children came to Salisbury Township, but the 9/12 Project, assuming it would, showed up in force, evidently hoping to traumatize the children even more than they already have been.

I’m with the Pope on this one.  This is a humanitarian crisis.  These are kids.  What should we do?  Shoot them when they try to cross into the U.S.?  Surely the 9/12 group has some humanitarians who could take one or two of these kids and give them a home until their immigration hearing.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

"Pro-life" in Jim Thorpe

My canvass list said the husband of the house was Democratic; the wife was Republican.  Just my luck, the woman answered the door.  I introduced myself and started my pitch.  She stopped me with “I always vote Republican because I’m pro-life.  And I don’t vote for women because they almost always support abortion.”

I said, “Well, would you give this flyer to your husband?  She said, “No, I’ll throw it away.  Besides, he always votes the way I tell him.”

Then she said, “And I don’t like same-sex marriage either.  I don’t understand why they are allowed to marry when a majority opposes it.”  I proceeded to give her a mini-lecture on the need to preserve minority rights from majority tyranny and even brought James Madison into the conversation. I don’t think she bought it.

One of the canvassing rules is don’t argue.  Another is don’t take too much time at one house.  As I turned to leave, she said, “That woman who ran for President wasn’t too bad.”

I said, “Do you mean Hillary?”

She said, “Yes, at least she was a citizen.”

I could just scream.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Santorum advises the Republican Party

Rick Santorum says the Republican Party needs to appeal to middle class Americans.  He says this in a book he wrote entitled “Blue Collar Conservatives.”  The book, evidently, is his first step in a campaign for the presidency in 2016.

“When you make things and have a manufacturing economy, you have the opportunity to distribute wealth more equitably,” Santorum said in an interview quoted in the Allentown Morning Call.

It’s not bad analysis, but it won’t help the Republican Party.  The party is divided into two main wings—establishment and Tea Party.  The establishment Republicans are the big business types, the National Association of Manufacturers, the Wal-Mart heirs, the banks, and the Chamber of Commerce.  That wing is looking out for the already rich.  That wing doesn’t give a damn about the peons on the bottom.

The second wing is the Tea Party wing, a fanatical group of gun-toting, anti-labor, anti-immigrant, anti-Affordable Care Act, and anti-government-in-general reactionaries led by people like Sara Palin and Fox News.  That wing also doesn’t give a damn about the rest of us.

Bottom line:  the Republicans will lose big in 2016.  As for Santorum, please just go away.  You’ve had way more than your allotted 15 minutes of fame, and now you are just annoying.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Buffer Zone

You know how the Supreme Court ruled that a buffer zone around abortion clinics was a violation of free speech.  I just found out that the buffer zone forbidding protesters at the Supreme Court is far larger than the 35 foot zone around clinics.  

So much for free speech.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Christie in Iowa

Gov. Christie is in Iowa, testing the waters.  Later this month he will journey to New Hampshire.  His presidential hopes are based on polls in New Jersey, where he still has more approval than disapproval, and the idea that the average Republican voters are more moderate than Tea Party wingnuts.

Here’s what I learned about Republican primaries.   When Reagan first ran for governor of California, his opponent in the primary was the moderate Republican mayor of San Francisco, George Christopher.  Democrats were delighted when Reagan won the primary, figuring he would be easy to beat in November.  We all know, of course, that Reagan went on to win the Governor’s race and ultimately the Presidency.

What I’m saying is, as bad as Christie is, he is not Ted Cruz, not Rubio, not Scott Walker, or that weird governor of Kansas whose name I’ve blocked.  Go Christie.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Do you still like Obama?

As I was entering the Kresgeville Post Office today, a woman coming out stopped in the doorway and asked me that question.  I assume she saw the Obama bumper sticker on the tailgate of my truck.  She didn’t sound nasty, just curious and somewhat unbelieving.  I told her, “More than ever.” 

She then asked why?  I told her that millions of Americans were now getting health care who hadn’t received it before.  I said Obama had not stumbled into war in the Middle East, and I was sure that if Bush or McCain had been president, we would have.  As for the immigration crisis, I said that I didn’t think we should shoot children crossing the border.

She looked horrified at that and said, “Oh no, I’m a Christian.”  We left it there.  I said, “Nice talking to you,” and went in to mail my package.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Benghazi, Boston, and Houston

Republicans keep harping on Benghazi, where four people were killed.  In the Boston Massacre of 1770 British troops fired on civilians and killed five adults.

And then there’s the Houston massacre, in which last week a gunman killed six people, including four children and two adults.  This is such a routine event that it was published in the July 10 issue of the New York Times on page A15.  It was a small article.  No biggie.  Just another mass shooting in America.